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Purchasing Collars for Cattle to Prevent Accidents

At Little Step Welfare Foundation, we recognize the importance of animal welfare and road safety. Our new initiative aims to reduce road accidents involving cattle by providing reflective collars for them. These collars will make the cattle more visible to drivers, especially during the night.

In many rural and suburban areas, cattle often wander onto roads, leading to unfortunate accidents that can harm both animals and humans. By equipping cattle with reflective collars, we aim to prevent these incidents and promote safer roads for everyone.

Our team will work with local farmers and animal caretakers to distribute the collars and educate them on the importance of using these safety devices. Additionally, our volunteers will help in the proper fitting and maintenance of these collars to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Your support can help us achieve our goal of safer roads and better protection for our beloved cattle. Join us in our mission to create safe paths for all and prevent unnecessary accidents. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

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  • Location: Highways
  • Schedule: None - None
  • Volunteers Required: 10
  • Volunteers Registered: 3
  • Funds Required: Rs. 20000
  • Funds Raised: Rs. 0

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